4. Developing a Competency Assessment Plan

The Toolkit is designed to be used in the development of a competency assessment plan. It is hoped that every organization responsible for aeronautical meteorological services will be able to use the Toolkit.

The following steps have been established for developing an implementation plan:

  1. Identify the performance criteria that fit the current job/position in your country/organization. Add any specific ones if necessary based on local conditions
  2. Determine the tools which will be used to assess each of the performance criteria identified in step 1
  3. Describe how the tools will be applied
  4. Determine who will be the assessor, and who will moderate the assessor's report
  5. Plan a schedule for when the assessment will be conducted and how long will it take
  6. Communicate this plan with management or government administration
  7. Identify any competencies which may require a new or different tool
  8. Describe how records of results will be kept