1. Introduction to the CAeM Aviation Competency Assessment Toolkit

The "top-level competencies" for AMO and AMF, together with related guidance, are available from http://www.caem.wmo.int/moodle, in "Regulatory and Reference Material", under the sub-header "Aeronautical Meteorological Forecaster and Observer Competencies."

The top-level competencies represent the minimum requirements for AMP. They are expanded and interpreted in detail in the full competency framework available on the CAeM moodle website above. The detailed competency frameworks have been developed by the CAeM Expert Team on Education and Training and are endorsed by the CAeM Management Group. The aim of this Toolkit is to provide suggestions for assessing each of the performance criteria identified.

For clarity, the first section of this Toolkit includes background on competency assessment and how it is different from knowledge assessment. The next section is an introduction to competency assessment systems. It includes definitions of the different types of tools as well as some recommendations. It is important that users of the Toolkit are familiar with these definitions before developing a plan for implementation.

Following the introductory sections, the assessment tools are provided. Some of these tools are specific they should be easily adaptable to almost any meteorological service. Others provide a suggested format for a tool which would be developed for a specific job.