Tool 2 - test questions on QMS of organization and format/content of TAFs, need for amendments, etc.


Satisfies the following performance criteria

AMF 4.1 – apply QMS

AMF 1.3  appraise the need for amendments

AMF 2.2b formats of forecasts

AMF 3.2b formats and content of warnings

AMF 2.2c – forecast within amendment criteria


The AMF is asked to answer, either in writing or verbally, the following questions:


1.         (a)  What are your responsibilities in your job?

(b)  What are the performance standards for your unit?

(c)  What is the process to be followed to report deficiencies or to propose changes to increase efficiency.

(d)  Where are the significant documents or reports kept?


2.         The forecaster is given one or more daily records of METAR and accompanying TAF with errors and asked to identify any missing information, errors in format or times when TAF amendments should have been issued.  


3.  What are the criteria for amending the TAFs at sites for which the AMF is responsible?   Where do you find the details for each site?  Describe how any automated checking system is used.  Provide example of where a TAF would be amended even if amend criteria not expected to be crossed.


4.  The forecaster is given one or more specific meteorological phenomena and asked to prepare a hypothetical forecast, in proper form, appropriate for the situation. 


If the questions are posed verbally, the assessor must take notes in order to document the results.