Tool 21 -  simulation of reduced visibility and cloud using images around the aerodrome as well as other data


AMO 2.1b – Observing visibility

AMO 2.1d – observing cloud


1.  The observer is given daytime and nighttime pictures of the aerodrome in all directions.  The observer is asked to indicate various markers which are used to determine directional visibility.  If available, the observer is given similar pictures during reduced visibility events and asked to determine the directional visibility.


2.  The observer is given values for directional visibility and asked to report prevailing visibility.


3.  The observer is given images of various cloud types observed at the aerodrome and asked to identify them.


4.  For aerodromes in complex terrain, images are also used to estimate cloud ceiling.


5.  The observer is given output from a laser ceilometer and asked to interpret the cloud layers. 


6.  The observer is asked to demonstrate or describe the use of other cloud measuring instruments such as ceiling projector, ceiling balloons or other methods available at the station.