This website was originally prepared by the WMO CAeM Task Team on the Competency Assessment Toolkit in 2010. The CAeM Expert Team on Education, Training and Competency updated it in 2017.

It is designed to provide a framework for demonstrating competence of aeronautical meteorological observers (AMO) and aeronautical meteorological forecasters (AMF). The required competencies have been approved by the WMO Executive Council and are part of the WMO-No.49 Technical Regulations.

Site Structure

The site guides you through the background information for, and the development of an implementation plan for the assessment of Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel (AMP) based on the following structure. You can link to a page via the hover menus on the left. For example, if you hover (place cursor over the top of the assessment tools button), you will see:

  • Introduction to Toolkit
  • Competency Assessment Philosophy
  • Introduction to Competency Assessment Systems
  • Developing a Competency Assessment Plan
  • Conclusions