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AMP Competency Training Mapping Database



Secondary Level Competencies for AMO04

Second-level competencySourceTitleKeywordsDurationLanguageTypeYear of productionCostSource contact personRemarks
disseminate observations properlyCivil Aviation Authority, NZInterpreting Weather InformationTAF, codingUNKNOWNEnglishtraining moduleafter 2010free
present weather information clearlyMet Office CollegeForecasting Notes for Glider OperationsforecastingUNKNOWNEnglishtraining notes2000-2005freeIan MillsEumetcal intralibrary>password>course name. Permission to quote from this document must be obtained from The Principal of the Met Office College.
present weather information clearlyEumetcalForecasters meet aviation usersforecastingUNKNOWNEnglishUNKNOWNafter 2010UNKNOWNEumetcal intralibrary>password>course name
alert forecasters to observed or imminent significant weather changesNot yet available

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